Kicking Off Training and Workouts

Orientation Packets are going out to every Player Prospect. The Head Coach’s plan for the Black Bears has completed first cuts and is being given some final fine tuning.

It is aggressive and places tremendous emphasis on Character, Values and Commitment. At the heart of everything the Black Bears do will be Community. This Team has a unique perspective as it is expected to have a Global focus and Global Following from day one.

But it is a Florida Team and focus on the needs of Florida Communities is paramount. The list of Charity and Community activities is as finely honed in as planned weekly reading to Elementary Students and weekly Team Visits to local Community Interests of great need. This Team is expected to be a constant positive force in the Community and that’s not just a League or Club goal.

It is a key component of the Coach’s 5 Year Plan.

A Plan that calls for making this Team unparalleled in its quality of Football and 2nd to noone in its emphasis on Unity of Team and Club Values. Everything from the Scouting and Recruitment to Player Development begins with Players who are best suited to the Florida Black Bears Core Values.

The Plan calls for 100% success in Player Development with the commitment that every Player is helped to improve to their maximum.

Once final revisions are completed, the Coach’s 5 Year Plan will be posted on this site for all to see.

Good Luck in Training Gentlemen.