Using Every Tool Available In Player Training

‘The League’ is a project of the larger Illumine Project to build economic opportunities and development worldwide. Illumine uses every new tool available in a wide, diverse yet rapidly becoming more connected world.

We will be inserting many of those same techniques into the build-up of ‘The League’ and its formative Teams.

With a global project that involves huge numbers of people who could be anywhere on the planet many traditional methods simply don’t work. So expanding the thinking is a necessity. When building a Football League with a defined initial territory in the US, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ignoring “new things”. To many, using new tools means having an App. But it begins with having new approaches to almost everything.

With Training and Workouts, it means using the entire array of online, on-demand and instant media for everything from direct Coaching to Fan and Community engagement.

The tools & techniques we’ll be using have had their own battle hardening, having played a part in the preparation of 16 1st Round Picks in this year’s NFL Draft and 84 overall.

When something works, you use it.