“I’m In”: Players Please Take Note

Good Morning Guys.

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from you Guys responding to the basic Intro note that simply say “I’m in.” Love it. 🙂

We’re getting close to 100 Players a day expressing interest and the vast majority, after getting a brief understanding of what we’re about eagerly are moving forward. So let me give you a couple quick tips.

First, if you haven’t registered on this site yet, please do so. And use it. It’s packed with alot of features and nearly all of them are to enable you to succeed. Some are communications features so you can easily talk with Coaches, Trainers and each other. Others are so you can showcase yourselves. It’s important that you do so. Fill out those profiles. Post your pics, your bios, your highlight videos. Do a Podcast if you like. Do whatever it takes to stand out. It’s important for several reasons.

It’s important in helping you show the Coaches what you’ve got. Both in terms of your past Playing performance and also in who you are as a person. Both are critical. It’s also important in terms of building up a relationship with the Fans. Pro Sports are entirely about the Fans. And that means they ultimately become entirely about the relationships built up between the Fans and the Players and Coaches.

These will be Fan-Owned Teams. That makes that relationship doubly important for you. You want to know who the “Boss” is? It’s those Fans. So start building that relationship now.

Next, your Compensation at every level will include provision for receiving a % of Merchandise Sales. If it has your name, your picture, your number on it, you get a cut. That’s only right and fair. But it also means you’re taking on a responsibility to build your Career and an important part of your earnings. One that continues beyond your Playing days.

If there’s anything you need that this site doesn’t provide you, ask. It has been set up on a platform that’s probably the most flexible on the web. There is almost new feature or function that can’t be supported. So if there’s something you need it to do to help you succeed, please say so. If it can be added, and chances are it can, it will be.

There will be alot of jobs. In Florida alone between the Two Major League Teams and the Minor League Farm Teams there will be 8. That’s a minimum of 400 Active Roster Players just in Florida. Not including expanded Rosters, Practice Squads and a Development Squad.

The first full Season will be next Fall. But we’re not waiting that long to begin building Teams. So those jobs begin this year. You will have lots of time to work on your Craft before the first serious Games take place. Until then you’ll be working out, training and building those relationships with the Coaches, Trainers, Fans and each other.

Good Luck Gentlemen.