Player Health, Safety & Long-Term Issues

A new study has been released on the long-term effects of playing High School Football. The study was of Players in Wisconsin from the late 1950s. The study conclusion was “cognitive and depression outcomes later in life were found to be similar for high school football players and their nonplaying counterparts.”

A story on it was released today by USA Today Sports. I’ve read the study itself. This study could be good news, though the researchers included numerous caveats.

Our position will continue to be extreme caution as relates to Player Health and in particular in drawing conclusions about Youth, including High School, Sports. Our Sports Scientist is developing the standards and equipment for a Sports Science Center for each Team, including the most advanced imaging equipment, advanced concussion testing and much more.

While many say they take these issues seriously, we do and will show it in how we handle every decision on both Player Safety and in endorsing any studies that say “everything’s fine.” We will determine that. It won’t be determined for us by individual studies or media reports.

These are Players lives, both Youth and Adult and that is how we today and tomorrow and 50 years from now treat it. Parents MUST trust that we’re looking out for their Kids. We will never take that lightly.