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    Facelift Surgery is suggested for mature people to unwind the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagginess in the face. The mid region of the face is mainly concentrated which warps in the nasobial fold, the cheeks and jowls and sometimes the throat and dual chin look.

    Traditionally surgeons used to work up superficial tissues to pull and stretch it in order to smooth the wrinkles and reveal a wrinkle free skin. Whereas, with all the SMAS Facelift procedure surgeons approach the mid face atrophy working together with all the deeper layers mid face musculature instead of the superficial cells. This principle is now a massive hit attaining the best results of age defiance, avoiding the typical "plastic face" look.

    This is the overtly eloquently name for the profound airplane muscle valve and fat pads that enwraps the cheek and jowl region of the face. Based on the seriousness of the wrinkles; skin atrophy and allowed skin elasticity of the patient, the SMAS flap could partially be remodeled or removed. There are some deep rooted surgical programs that have to be determined for each patient. There are two facets of this surgical planning- Imbrication or Plication.

    The surgical preparation involves the surgeon would dissect the SMAS Flap and remove the excess part of it which has been changed with skin atrophy whilst raise the rest of the flap to a much better place to accomplish the targeted skin extending. The flap is pulled in upwards direction (superior) towards the corner of the eye; or pulled backwards (posterior) into the back of the ears.

    The dragged up skin is sutured or stapled to a better position that forever keeps the tight skinned appearance. Absorbable sutures do not require removing, and also the tissue growth and recovery of the surgical wounds the facial skin holds up to the new placement quite unremarkably without yelling the fact that the person has gone under the knife.

    аппаратный смас лифтинг Москва on folding and suturing the surplus tissue affected with atrophy rather than removing it. The excess tissue is clasped, lifted and sutured underneath the top layer of the SMAS flap. It is followed using the same elevation of the rest of the flap to either a superior or posterior position and sutured. The plication of the cells provides the lips a subtle augmentation of a plump and more youthful appearance.